Natural cleanliness

Ecological cleaning products

A lot of cleaning products on the market contain a number of detergents and substances harmful to human health and the environment. Negative effects can be noticed immediately because they have an allergic and irritating effect on the skin. They are especially harmful to people with sensitive, delicate skin, allergy sufferers, children and the elderly. Therefore, for the care of yourself and your loved ones, it is worth using eco-friendly cleaning solutions.


The OVER Clean brand provides 100% natural products for cleaning all around the home. The assortment includes ecological products such as natural floor cleaner Neem All Clean, air freshener Novitas, and bio-enzymatic urine and organic stain remover Urine Free. The composition of the products is based on natural ingredients and essential oils that are safe and friendly to the environment and skin.

Cleaning products for hospitals and medical facilities

OVER Clean brand products are distinguished by high washing quality and safety. Specially developed and innovative formulas effectively remove even the most difficult dirt, which is confirmed by the positive opinions of our clients, such as hospitals, medical centres, care and treatment centres, rehabilitation centres and hospices.

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