Active substances in our products

All our cosmetic products have in their composition

a number of natural and effective substances

Allantoin – a valuable ingredient to relieve skin irritation

Allantoin has valuable properties to alleviate irritation, chafes and bedsores. It has anti-inflammatory properties and accelerates cell division. It is well tolerated by the skin and does not cause allergic reactions. Products with allantoin are recommended in the case of dry skin, which accompanies many diseases such as atopic dermatitis or ichthyosis vulgaris. Perfectly smoothes rough and cracked skin in older people.

  • accelerates granulation of damaged tissue and stimulates its regeneration,
  • has a mild exfoliating effect,
  • eliminates the effects of skin irritation and has anti-inflammatory properties,
  • is used in the care of sensitive, dry and mature skin.

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